A Very Short History

A religious society of craftsmen and merchants in the garment trade was formed in 1578 in connection with the church of Sant'Onofrio a Porta Capuana (i.e., "near the Capuan Gate"). In 1588 this group bought a large building for the purpose of starting an orphanage, which appears to have become well established by around 1600. An local insurrection led to reprisals in 1647, and a plague in 1656 further weakened the institution. In 1668 the school was taken over by the Scolopi Fathers, who if not very enlightened, nonetheless ensured an orderly administration. Almost one fifth of the students were castrati, who slept and ate apart from the other students. Conditions declined during the Napoleanic period, and only thirty students remained when the conservatory merged with that of Santa Maria di Loreto in 1797.
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Historical information courtesy of the Conservatorio di Musica San Pietro a Majella, since 1826 the successor to the earlier Neapolitan conservatories.