The web-based series Monuments of Partimenti and Monuments of Solfeggi were initially funded by a Scholarly Editions Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, USA. The series on The Academic Fugue was begun with funding from the Alumnae of Northwestern University. These sites are hosted by Northwestern University, produced at Northwestern's Bienen School of Music, and edited by Robert Gjerdingen (Chicago, USA). We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers of our NEH proposal, the grant administrators both at the Endowment and at Northwestern, and Dean Toni-Marie Montgomery of the School of Music for their continuing support.
Prof. Jesse Rosenberg (Chicago, USA), Prof. Rosa Cafiero (Milan, Italy), Prof. Giorgio Sanguinetti (Rome, Italy), Prof. Michael Robinson (Cardiff, UK), Prof. Stephen Shearon (Murfreesboro, USA), and Paolo Sullo (Naples, Italy) advise the series not only about instructional materials used in the training of early musicians, but also about the broader scope of Italian music culture and history.
The series aim to provide free and easy access to the repertories of instructional material that were once common in the training of elite classical musicians in Europe. Those of us involved in its production hope to encourage research into the music-cognitive world of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century musicians. There is perhaps no better way to learn that music than to study it as it was studied by the men and women who created it.
All material in the series is in the public domain and may be freely copied and redistributed.
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