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Nicola Fago: Stabat Mater, Naples, 1719     
J.C. Bach / J.P. Ricci: Fuga alla breve, Paris, 1788     
Gaspare Spontini: Fugue Exposition, Naples, ca. 1796     

In this section you will find models of style from some of the great masters.

The first model is the Stabat Mater of Nicola Fago, believed performed in Naples on Good Friday, 1719. This many sections of this work, scored for violins, four-part choir, and continuo, provides representative examples of the Neapolitan sacred style in the generation before Pergolesi.

The second model appears at the end of Part I of a keyboard method book by “J. C. Bach and F. P. Ricci.” The title page describes its collection of keyboard pieces as having been composed “for the Naples conservatory” (Paris, 1788; Bach died in 1782). The fugue may represent the type of texture expected for partimento fugues.

The third model is a fugal exposition done by Gaspare Spontini for a counterpoint examination conducted by Nicola Sala, Giacomo Tritto, and a teacher named Salini. The faults marked by this jury were recorded, and the present edition includes those remarks.