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Nicola Fago (Nicola is a male name in southerrn Italy) was a patriarch of a long line of teachers at the Conservatorio della pietà dei Turchini. Sometimes referred to as “Il Tarantino” from his birthplace, he became first master in 1705, and for the next century all the first masters at the Turchini were students of Fago, or students of his students. As a teacher of Leonardo Leo, Niccolò Jommelli, Pasquale Cafaro, and Nicola Sala he had a great influence on the future of Neapolitan music, especially sacred music. Models of his style have been added in “About Partimenti.” There you will find the basso continuo from his Stabat mater, along with a score. The above realizations are by the editor.

These fugal partimenti were copied in Naples by Giuseppe Mirone in 1813 from an unknown source. Two of the fugues have liturgical titles (No. 2, Kyrie, and No. 5, Cum Sancto Spiritu), and Stephen Shearon has identified No. 1 as deriving from the Kyrie of Fago's Mass in C Major (A.I.3).