An Easy, Brief, and Clear
Facile breve e chiaro delle prime Concerning the Primary
ed essensiali regole per accompagnare
Partimenti senza numeri
and Essential Rules for Accompanying
Unfigured Partimenti
del Maestro
by Maestro
Per uso degli Alunni del Real
Conservatorio di Musica
For the Use of Students at the Royal
Conservatory of Music
Napoli presse Orlando Vico S. M. delle Grazie N. 25. Naples, near Orlando Vico, S. M. delle Grazie No. 25.

Concerning this modern edition: Musical examples marked with an asterisk ( * ) at their upper left corners have been provided by the editor for clarification of the rules. Each represents just one possible sonic realization of the intended rule. Because the concept of the scale degree or scale step is so central to the Neapolitan school of partimenti, and because the welter of numbers for both intervals and scale degrees can be confusing, scale degrees in the bass will be marked by numbers in white circles (e.g., ) and scale degrees in the melody by numbers in black circles (e.g., ).

This edition is based on the above mentioned Naples print of ca. 1817, and MS 33.2.33 of the Naples Conservatory Library, which is likely copied from that print.