Unfigured Partimenti

As preserved in MS 33.2.3 at the Naples Conservatory Library

No. 1      No. 2      No. 3     
No. 4      No. 5      No. 6     
No. 7      No. 8      No. 9     
No. 10      No. 11      No. 12     
No. 13      No. 14      No. 15     

In this Naples manuscript, these relatively short, unfigured partimenti of Rocco Greco follow longer, figured partimenti and precede the much longer, unfigured partimenti attributed to his brother, Gaetano Greco. It is thus possible that the whole manuscript was organized according to a scheme where figured partimenti led first to small and then to large unfigured partimenti. This was the general scheme adopted by Durante and later by Fenaroli. The sections are not labeled in the manuscript.