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Piccolo Basso No. 1 ( Small “Cadenze” )     
Piccolo Basso No. 2, Maggiore ( Major )  
Piccolo Basso No. 2, Minore ( Minor )  

Padre Mattei was the disciple of and successor to Padre Giovanni Battista Martini (1706–1784). Both were frate minore conventuale, which is to say Franciscan friars who worked in urban settings. Their urban setting was the Basilica of San Francesco in Bologna. Padre Mattei, of the Mozart generation, reached adulthood in the 1770s, becoming maestro di capella at San Francesco and later at other important Italian churches. He, like Martini, was a respected teacher and numbered Donizetti and Rossini among his students. Compared to Neapolitan practice, the partimenti of Mattei are more heavily figured, more chromatic, and ordered according to key. All of his partimenti are titled cadenze or “cadences.”