Composti dal Signor Maestro Giocomo Tritto

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Giocomo Tritto, a contemporary of Haydn, studied under Pasquale Cafaro at the Conservatorio della pietà dei Turchini, where he would eventually become first master in the early nineteenth century. Many of his partimenti were published late in his life. Perhaps the presence of excercises in whole notes for complete beginners, something not seen in earlier collections, can be explained as an adaptation to the needs of readers who might not have a teacher or who might be amateurs. The partimenti presented here are taken from the nineteenth-century manuscript copy of Filippo Rollo, preserved at the Milan Conservatory Library (MS Reserva Mus. C-6). The section titles above, with the exception of “Lezione,” have been added for convenience, though the manuscript does number each section separately.