Tai Po Old Market Public School

One of my hosts and faculty members at HKIEd, Ms. Yip Lai Chi (Rita), was scheduled to visit a student teacher during my stay at the Institute. Rita kindly invited me to come with her during the observation. I was able to watch an interesting music lesson in an upper elementary class, tour the school, and spend a long time with the school's principal--Mrs. Lam Wai Ling (Leona). Leona explained that the school is one designated by the local government as an "IT" school. This means that instructional technology has a strong emphasis in the curriculum. Although I saw no unusual work with music technology per se, I did witness how technology is used extensively in teaching other subjects. The level of support for hardware was especially impressive.


Music Room. Notice the Computer System in the Center of the Room, linked to the Monitor in the Upper Right


Student Teacher Using a Sequencing Program to Show a Musical Concept


Here the Student Teacher is Using Balloons to Help Demonstrate Phrasing as the Children Sing a Melody from Dvorak's New World Symphony


Music the Students Are Using


Children Here are Using the Main Lab to Study Language


Having Some Fun with the Kids


Leona, Rita, and Myself


This is a Kiosk in the Hall Where Children Can Use the Internet. Very Impressive.


Main Library


An Electronic Board for Teaching that also has Live Areas that can be Touched for Demonstrating Links.


Another View of the Main Lab


Beautiful Chinese Children Everywhere