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The mission of this web page is to assist the growth of Children's Theatre into the 21st century by expanding the resources and information into Cyberspace. Before you begin reading, we'd like to tell you that this site is aimed primarily at an adult audience (of course it is certainly acceptable for children) searching for information on children's theatre and where to go for certain resources.

We have high respect and admiration for everyone working hard in the field and want to do everything possible to recognize those individuals and theatres involved in Theatre for Young Audiences. With that in mind, we need your help. We need to be notified of other theatres that we have not previously been aware of.

Throughout the next year, we have a new primary goal for which we need YOUR HELP! We would like to expand the resources linked to this page for children's theater publishers, playwrights, plays, literature, etc. We hope to develop a listing wherein authors, theaters, directors, and producers have a place to exchange dialogue.

These pages were originally developed by John Snowden-Van Valin and Michael Cotter, recent graduates of Northwestern University's Department of Theater. It is now maintained by Patrick Gagnon, a Northwestern senior. Please e-mail Patrick if you have information to contribute to the site.

Thank you, and welcome to the world of children's theatre...

Links to Children's Theatre resources

A bit of history.

Use the state by state listing of children's theatres. Get information on internships, mission statements, etc. (note: We'd love your help in adding more and more theatres, as there are hundreds of theatres out there that we have not heard of. If you know of one, please email us the address or any information you may have on it.)

Use this text only version if your browser doesn't support pictures well.

Learn about ASSITEJ/USA, the International Association for Theatre and Young People.

American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE)

Our recommended list of publishers of children's theatres.

Learn all about the Drama/Theatre Continuum for young audiences.

Information about Northwestern's children's theatre touring show.

Some other stuff...

Mother Hicks, by Suzan Zeder, is the first play for young audiences to which we can find a homepage.

Actually, now there are two, this play, Mossy Cape, looks like a great idea!.

Story telling resources through this Canadian source.

Children's Literature Resources

At the University of Calgary
Or, through Australian resources.
Or the Houghton Mifflin company

Inkspot, a resource for writers of all genres.

Other theatre (i.e. non children's) related links.

Alice in Wonderland from The Children's Theatre Company- Minneapolis, MN

This site created November 12, 1995.
This page originally developed by John Snowden-VanValin and Michael Cotter, Northwestern University students of theatre, based on knowledge learned in a classes taught by professor Rives Collins, in addition to knowledge gained through internet resources and our supporters like you. It is maintained by Patrick Gagnon. All requests for changes of information and additions should be directed to Patrick.

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